Put the ovens in the muffin!

The holidays are here, life is crazy and the PattyBakes team can no longer English!

I’m standing on a memory foam mat, my feet have gone numb and the only sound to be heard is the humming of the oven and the whirring of the mixer. It’s 3 am and even the crickets have gone to bed, but my mother and I are still up preparing an order for delivery bright and early tomorrow morning. I turn the mixer off, moving on auto pilot as I scoop gooey batter into crown muffin pans. Then I hear it:
“Come on Priscilla, put the ovens in the blueberry muffins! I wan’t to go to bed.”
There’s a long beat of silence before I place the muffin pans back on the counter and we both dissolve into delirious laughter. A few moments later I shoo my mother out of the kitchen, off to bed, and finish my task in relative silence. Another day done, another delicious muffin baked. That’s life in the bakery.